• Shoppers are going digital, Malls are lagging behind

    Today 90% percent of people use their smartphones while shopping be it for price comparison, looking up product information and checking for reviews online. A recent survey of over 500 shoppers have shown that shoppers today want to be able to search the malls more effectively and demand a better digital experience overall.

    Yet, the experience that shopping malls provide hasn’t changed for the past few decades to meet today’s needs. The current digital touch points for shoppers are limited to basic directory search and shoppers are forced to use multiple platforms to obtain information about the the products and services they want to buy. Additionally if a shopper is unable to find something in mall, he or she will “dropout” and shop elsewhere or online.

    About MallDash

    MallDash is Google and Waze for shopping malls, downloadable from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 100% of millennial shoppers surveyed love MallDash as it lets them search within mall stores, for example, searching for “salmon” returns all stores selling salmon dishes.

    As of 2018, MallDash is the most advanced shopping mall app available for shoppers. Among the main features include:


    1. Mall Search Engine
      At its core, a search engine allows shoppers to search within stores to find what they want, along with price list of goods and services
    2. End to End Navigation
      Beautifully crafted floor maps which lets shoppers find the shortest routes in mall
    3. Personalized Promotions 
      Promotions are tailored to the shoppers interest based on their search history
  • Awards

    Global Enterpreneurship Community Summit 2017

    MallDash announced as winner at MaGIC Pre-Accelerator Bootcamp 2017 @ KLCC

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