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MallDash Wishes You, A Prosper Lunar New Year 2018

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Celebrate Chinese New Year 2018 With MallDash

The MallDash team would like to wish you a wonderful festive season in this Lunar New Year. In this “Year of the Dog”, shopping malls in Malaysia have already decorated the malls in festive decorations to attract local shoppers’ and tourists’. Shopping malls in major cities have already lit up with plum blossoms to welcome spring and other ornaments in the auspicious red color which are distinguishly shown. Even if you are not celebrating it yourself, the festive spirit is very "contagious".

As the festival approaches, a family reunion dinner will be held on the eve of the Chinese New Year. On Chinese New Year day itself, everyone will be busy with various activities, including decorating their houses, giving red packets (angpau) containing money, and many more. Aside from the similarities of traditions in other countries, the concept of open house is normally practiced in Malaysia for friends and family to visit, regardless of race and religion

4 Things To Do During Celebrating Chinese New Year In The Cities

What if you had to stay in the city and away from your families for work? Don't worry!

All major cities in Malaysia light up for Chinese New Year in bright spirits so you won't be left out. Although you might need to be prepared for the celebrations earlier of the month as the first-two weeks of Chinese New Year are the only days that you will witness the closure of many retail stores.

So, what to do in the city during this festive season?

1. If you are in Kuala Lumpur, you might as well need to visit the Petaling Street Chinatown. In the area, the beautiful ornated decades-old Chinese temples are crowded with locals that come to pray and admire the scenery. You can also witness lion dances (traditional chinese dance) and watch the sky illuminate with colourful captivating fireworks.

2. In most holiday seasons, you are probably adviced to avoid driving up to Penang due to the heavy traffic. Penang is a great and a beautiful place for a trip to their attractive temples and attractions especially in Georgetown and Chulia Street. In Penang, families usually invite friends (or even strangers) over for dinner on the second day of Chinese New Year as the first day is always reserved for close family and relatives.

3. If you plan to travel, do visit the shopping malls in the big cities during this holiday seasons. Most of the big shopping malls are decorated with wonderful and over-the-top ornaments to celebrate Chinese New Year. Some malls even have multiple events happening at once, together with the traditional lion dance performances, acrobats and singing performances, and even 'ang pau' (red packets) giveaways!

4. It is also a must to have the signature toss of 'Yee Sang'. “Yee Sang” or “Yusheng” is a Cantonese-style raw fish salad consisting of strips of raw fish (sometimes salmon), shredded vegetables, sauces, and condiments. The tradition of it is that people will toss the shredded bits high into the air using their chop sticks as it reflects the amount of good luck, health and prosperity they will receive.

However, most shops are closed during Chinese New Year. So, how are we going to enjoy tossing and celebrating the spirits?

Not to worry! With MallDash, searching for the right place to celebrate Chinese New Year would be much easier. MallDash curates all the promotions inside all major shopping malls around Malaysia according to your preferences. So, you will not be having an issues dining out or closed shops. MallDash has a lot of amazing features for your convenience. You could check out many other Chinese New Year related promotions in all categories as well as latest events happening all over your nearest shopping malls.

So what are waiting for? Download the MallDash app in the App Store and Google Play Store to start "Mall Dash-ing"!